"CI Cabinetry's Jimmy Baart is amazing in his ability to listen to your dreams and make them come true. He's not only a businessman and a hardworking installer, he's a "Kitchen Artist" ! He can build your new kitchen before your eyes on a computer and switch styles, configurations and colors without even blinking an eye. He makes sure you get what YOU want!
Bottom line, is he's the kind of guy you want to sit down and have dinner with---after he's built your kitchen! He's prompt, efficient, fair, and talented.
He makes sure everything is ready to go before the install starts so that your kitchen downtime is minimal. You've heard everyone's horror stories about being out of commission for weeks / months on end with a new kitchen. Not so with CI Cabinetry under Jimmy's direction. Take our word for it: if you want the best cabinets and design for the lowest price and best install experience, ask for Jimmy of CI Cabinetry. Then, invite him to dinner!"

Debbie & Keith Lowrance   Virginia Beach, VA

"Jimmy Baart and the CI Cabinetry crew designed a kitchen remodel for us which included new custom cabinets, lighting, and tile work.  In order to complete the work, our current silestone countertops had to be removed and re-cut to accommodate new features, and then reinstalled.  In addition, the existing soffit was removed from the kitchen so that the cabinets could be higher, which required new drywall installation.

Initially the job was reviewed with us--what steps would be completed, length of time for each. and dates for start and completion.  These dates were adhered to, so our lives had very minimal upset. The crew was very careful to maintain a clean work environment so that our home was not affected by debris.  
 We are extremely pleased with the results and would be more than happy to give the entire crew a personal recommendation."

Al & Sue Stoudnour   VA. Beach, VA

"We couldn't have asked for a better experience than what we had with Jimmy.  He was professional and accommodating, but at the same time, he was able to provide the direction that we needed with the design of our kitchen.  That was a huge deal.  We knew what we wanted, but Jimmy's expertise was so helpful, and the cabinets turned out beautifully.  We will absolutely be calling CI Cabinetry again. He Completely gutted our old kitchen and built brand new cabinets (about 20); added a huge desk area with a built in shelf for a TV and pantries along the side; built a huge island with a pull out garbage/recycling cabinet."

Tina Ferguson  VA. Beach, VA


"From day one Jimmy was a true professional and provided his input with regard to improving the size, functionality and beauty of our kitchen.  He was easy to work with and his craftsmanship and professionalism were appreciated.  My wife and I are thrilled with the look of our new kitchen and the rustic hickory cabinets fit right in on our farm.  I would highly recommend CI cabinetry for the service alone, it is refreshing to deal with a true professional and we are pleased with the product Jimmy has provided.  He is about as nice a guy as you will ever meet also, we are very happy."

Neil Kelley  Chesapeake, VA


CI Cabinetry developed the design of the update to a 40+ year old kitchen. They removed the existing cabinets, installed new cabinets and provided guidance including names of proven contractors for electrical, plumbing, tile, drywall to enable completion of a total kitchen remodel.

We contacted CI Cabinetry to provide an estimate to replace the existing kitchen cabinets. Owner Jimmy Baart came over to the house to look at the existing kitchen and obtain some initial measurements. We provided Jimmy with what we were looking for in the new cabinets and Jimmy discussed possible concepts. Jimmy comes from a family of cabinet makers and draws on a wealth of experience. He suggested many possible functional designs that were super and that we would never have thought of. Jimmy took all of the ideas and came up with a computer generated design with layout plans/pictures of the proposed completed kitchen. We loved the proposed design and decided to go forward with the project. CI Cabintery provided names of contractors that we could use for the electrical, plumbing, tile and drywall work. We decided to use these contractors and were very pleased with their work.
Jimmy Baart and crew removed the existing cabinets, installed the new cabinets with trim. The completed installation is beautiful and exceeded all our expectations. Jimmy Baart is a true professional who does superb work, is very innovative and takes pride in his work. He goes the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied. Jimmy was a pleasure to work with and we will definitely recommend CI Cabinetry to our friends.

Ken Taylor  Virginia Beach, VA